FAQ Traveling With Us


We fly on your schedule, however in order to achieve allocated Air Traffic Control slot times we recommend arriving no later than 30 minutes before your chosen scheduled departure time. Our pilots will be at the airport ready for departure at least 45 minutes prior to your arrival. Please contact us on 8 9477 4402 if you are running late.


Fly in fly out charter flights are restricted to 10kg of checked baggage and 4 kg of hand luggage per passenger, however this can be negotiated dependent upon passenger loads.

Non fly in fly out charters are much more flexible with baggage & limits are dependent on the size of the aircraft and how many passengers there are. Please discuss individual restrictions for each charter when you make your booking with us.


No Dangerous Goods are permitted in your baggage or on your person, including sharp objects


Are permitted however you will need to have them in a carrier & have them cleared with Star Aviation prior to the flight


All of our aircraft are stocked with complimentary water. Options for catering can be customised to your culinary needs given 24 hours’ notice prior to the departure of your flight.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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